In car technology can make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable

In car technology can help make long car journeys easier, make sure that you’re able to keep in touch safely and easily whilst you’re at the wheel, make driving safer and  help you reach your destination with the minimum of fuss.

in car technologyManufacturers of in car technology design their products with users in mind. They aren’t constrained or limited by being a car manufacturer and understand that what they will be judged on what their ‘gadgets’ deliver in terms of user experience.

From in car entertainment to in car safety and hands free in car technology drivers can upgrade their in car experience so that it matches the experience that they have at home. However, car owners can often be put off upgrading their in car experience for exactly the same reasons as they put off doing home improvements. It’s not a job you can easily do yourself. If it goes wrong, things will probably be worse than they were before . . . . and it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between a professional craftsmen and a plausible rogue! This is where FITAS accredited vehicle installers come in.

FITAS represents the gold standard accreditation programme for professional vehicle installers. It is the only third-party accreditation that individuals are competent to install equipment to the FCS1362 radio industry code of practice. FITAS experts can quickly and efficiently fit your in car technology so that you can enjoy the benefits with the security of knowing that they have been professionally installed by an industry accredited installer.

To achieve accreditation, installers must take two examinations (independently accredited by the Mobile Electronics & Security Federation) and satisfy a meticulous audit of their work by the Federation of Communication Services, who administer the scheme.

FITAS accredited installers often carry out work for the emergency services, where third-party accreditation to FCS1362 is insisted upon as a sign of best practice. The FITAS logo is your ultimate guarantee of experience, competence and professionalism.

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